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Registrar at the Technical University Ibadan (Tech-U)

Brief on Oyo State, Nigeria

Oyo State is located in the South-West geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Created in 1976 on the official creation of more States in Nigeria, it is made up of cosmopolitan ethnic composition, with a total of 27,249sq km of land and official population of 5,591,589 (2006 Census) comprising 2,809,840 males and 2,781,749 females, a higher percentage of which are youths. Oyo State today boasts Of about 10,000,000 inhabitants. With its 33 Local Governments and 35 Local Council Development Authorities, Oyo State is the most urbanized of Nigeria’s States. It is peopled by very enlightened and highly educated elites being a fall out of the free education scheme of the earlier administrations. It remains the intellectual capital of the nation having nested the premier University in Nigeria. Oyo State is a very special place with a rich history of excellence and ground-breaking achievements in Africa. The first TV Station, standardized stadium and university medical school in Africa are all in Oyo State. It has as a matter of critical necessity set out to produce fresh sets of technical hands, entrepreneurs, innovators and provide blue collar jobs. It is in this quest to tap into our latent strengths to rebuild our education structure that the Technical University was conceived.

The Technical University Ibadan (Tech-U) is a newly licensed tertiary institution, an initiative of the Oyo State Government of Nigeria. It is founded on the principle of unique innovation, research collaboration, exceptional service, integrity, excellence, and the uplifting of human condition. We are therefore committed to the efficient and responsible use of science, technology, engineering, and innovation in solving societal problems, while maintaining a culture of entrepreneurship anchored on quality programs that are responsive and financially suitable.


Our vision is Global, and we aim to be a world-class institution that is fully grounded in entrepreneurial practices, unique innovation, sustainability science, and commitment to International best practices.


Our mission is to cultivate a cadre of technical professionals, with requisite entrepreneurial skills, capable of creating jobs and employment. This will be done by imparting sound theoretical knowledge, and practical skills in various trades and disciplines to students. In this regard, our focus is to provide the training and learning environment that produce exceptional graduates who are socially conscious and technically competent.

Tech-U is committed to offering degree programs of international standard through collaboration with international institutions, among others, while appreciating the need for a phased development to reach the desired goal through such international partnership.

Uniqueness (Essential Niches) of the University

Promotion of Entrepreneurship is our Core mission by engaging world-class faculty, students, and staff in a world-class environment

Production of Graduates with skills for employment generation

Production of Graduates who are agents of positive change in the society

Creation of wealth,

Assisting students and alumni in creating business enterprises

Providing incubation for industrial enterprises

Cultivation of strong and dynamic partnership with industry corporations, and other universities.

In addition to classroom work, students will be exposed to experiential learning through mandatory co-ops as an objective.


To provide an exceptional educational experience for our students by creating excellent ambiance for living, teaching, and learning.

To equip every student with entrepreneurial training, skills and market opportunities before graduating.

To equip every student with managerial skills consistent with international best practices.

To judiciously manage the University resources through optimal utilization of technologies

To maintain effective partnership between the University and Stakeholders in order to establish credible national and international collaborations

To pursue a dynamic and constructive liaison with industry in order to ascertain the workforce needs of a changing society.

To pursue new areas of innovative research which are particularly relevant to the Nigeria economy including, but not limited to:

Renewable clean energy resource technology


Cyber Security

Biological engineering

In-vitro Fertility Technology

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Construction Engineering

Environmental Engineering Petroleum Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Aircraft maintenance

Architecture, Planning and Geo-Informatics

Industrial and Production Engineering


Automotive Engineering

Information Technology

Computer Science and Engineering

Agricultural Science/Engineering

Manufacturing and Foundry Technology

To institutionalize quality assurance policies in the University

To create a conducive teaching and learning environment in compliance with acceptable social ethics.

To create University-wide work ethics devoid of any form of harassment.

To promote team-work and collegiality in the University.

Recognition License for the University:

Based on the foregoing, the State Government approached the regulatory agency for the establishment of higher institutions in the Country; the National Universities Commission and filed all the necessary pre requisites papers to fishing its recognition and licensing as a technical university in Nigeria. Having fulfilled all conditions precedent, the University was received as a State University and was duly granted a license to operate as such in 7th December, 2012.


A 200 hectare site was subsequently acquired for the establishment of the University at a location along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway which has now been minimally and partially built up with the following facilities:

Access to the location is currently by road, the 150km Lagos-Ibadan expressway which is currently under a comprehensive rehabilitation.

Further access by rail is being provided via the Lagos-Kano Rail Project which is to commence its implementation in 2017.

Take-off of the University:

The State obtained the requisite license in 2012 for the ever increasing number of eligible candidates for tertiary institutions and most essentially the need to develop the required skills in huge local and international demands. The State is committed to ensuring the take-off of the University in September 2017.

In view of the foregoing, the State Government is open to partnership opportunities with institutions of similar mandate, vision and mission to actualize its goals. At the earliest opportunity, all necessary contacts shall be established to consummate a Memorandum of Understanding comprising a mutually intended relationship desirable for the earlier stated purpose.

Position: Registrar

The University Registrar is the official chief administrative executive of the institution, whose purview shall include the mandatory management of personnel, students and other related ancillary functions. He/she shall be the custodian of the academic records of all enrolled students. Tech-U seeks an individual who will provide the vision and leadership to enhance the academic records management enterprises, and to effectively manage the institution’s administrative team. The University Registrar is charged with bringing technology-based deficiencies to institutional record-keeping at all levels and taking responsibility for the accuracy and integrity of degree granting.

Expected qualification of the Registrar

  • The Successful candidate must possess:
  • A master’s degree, but a doctorate is preferred
  • Familiarity with Nigeria and American tertiary education system
  • Several years of progressive leadership experience in academic record-keeping either in a registrar’s office or equivalent official student records office
  • Demonstrated knowledge of modern electronic student record storage and delivery system
  • Demonstrated ability to lead project teams in a complex environment that involves technology personnel and end-users
  • Membership of recognized professional bodies will be an added advantage;
  • Must have attained a minimum cognate experience of at least fifteen years in a reputable University;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of modern electronic student record storage and delivery systems;
  • Demonstrated knowledge of federal and state regulation including NUC regulations;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Responsibilities of the Registrar

  • To provide quality student service, which focuses on the students as the centre of the universe, in the area of registration, tuition assessment and academic records, and to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy of student records.
  • To coordinate the student Information System, conduct Preregistration, Completion, Registration and Drop/Add
  • Coordinate the Student Information System and new student technology initiatives for the Main Campus and across the University
  • Ensure compliance with Student Record policy
  • Record transfer credit, advanced placement, study abroad work, thesis titles, comprehensive examination results and grade changes
  • Charge (and credit) tuition and associated fees
  • Assign operator security profiles to Student Records users and monitor the system to prevent unauthorized access to computer records
  • Register and report grades students, including the credits from the partnership institutions
  • To demonstrate the University’s commitment to thoughtful treatment of its students, past and present, through the timeliness and accuracy of the transcripting system;
  • Produce official student lists, reports, statistics
  • Publish the Student Directory
  • Validate ID cards
  • Certify student enrollment
  • Process ID number changes, changes of school, name and address
  • Interpret & enforce academic regulations
  • Collect grades from faculty
  • Record grades, produce and mail grade reports
  • Produce Rank-in-class reports
  • Monitor lists of graduates
  • Rank undergraduates for graduation
  • Organize student participation in Commencement.
  • To produce class and examination schedules which, as much as possible; serve the needs and preferences of faculty and students and to insure that the condition of the classrooms meets the needs of quality instruction. To assist the faculty in its teaching through the administration of the teacher evaluation process.

Prepare, publish, distribute class and examination schedules:

  • Assign classrooms: all semesters
  • Reserve classrooms for special meetings, etc.
  • Monitor classroom conditions
  • Plan for provision of a sufficient number of technologically sophisticated and aesthetically-pleasing general purpose classrooms.
  • Plan and direct classroom improvement projects.
  • Administer the Teacher Evaluation System
  • Plan and coordinate the Schedule of Classes to insure that all curricular needs are met while responding to the preferences of faculty and students.

Method of Application

Applicants are advised to study the University Vision, Mission, Core Values and Briefs for each of the advertised position. However, candidates for the position should submit two-page statement for the position applied for.

Resume including names and addresses of three (3) referees with cover letter should be sent electronically and hard media respectively, not later than 4th April, 2017 to: thetechnicaluniversity@oyostate.gov.ng , and

Room 012

Office of The Governor,

State Government Secretariat,

Agodi, Ibadan, Oyo State,


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