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Chief Mechanic, Chief Electrician, Chief Mate in a Joint Venture Partnership Company

Vacancies: Chief Mechanic, Chief Electrician, Chief Mate

A Joint Venture Partnership Company, which was formed by an indigenous provider of drilling rig services and a leading international drilling company that has created a world class drilling company and is poised to deliver exceptional value to the exploration and production companies operating in Nigeria, is looking to recruit competent indigenous persons to the following positions:

Position: Chief Mechanic Location: Offshore Nigeria

Job Summary: Ensures that all mechanical systems and equipment on the rig are maintained to a high operational standard and assist in the supervision and safe operation of the rig’s mechanical maintenance department Oversee team of mechanics, welders and helper.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Through observation, review and inspection, ensures that mechanical machinery and equipment meet regulatory and JV Company requirements and repairs/ rebuilds are performed safely and economically; oversees and perform inspections, maintenance, repairs and modifications to the mechanical equipment and ensure modifications of the rig/new equipment are approved before operation.

Maintains and amends rig drawings when modifications are made; performs advanced troubleshooting and repair of equipment; conducts inspections, ensures potential hazards and abnormal operating conditions are addressed quickly; implements mechanical Preventative Maintenance System (PMS) for the rig, maintains PMS records, monitors and ensures the quality and timeliness of preventative maintenance.

Position: Chief Electrician Location: Offshore Nigeria

Job Summary: Oversees all on board electrical systems maintenance and ensures compliance with requirements and standards. Ensure that reliable electrical power is provided to the installation.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Supervises starting and putting of generators on line for single and parallel operation; oversee main power distribution equipment isolation procedures; ensure compliance with the Company’s Permit to Work System and Electrical Procedures Manual.

Manages restoration of rig power following a loss of generators; oversee inspection, cleaning, servicing, adjustments, troubleshooting, and repairs of generators, including control systems and silicon-controlled rectifiers (SCRs); performs planned and preventative maintenance; performs and supervises setting of operational parameters on breakers and transformers; isolates circuits.

Oversees checks and calibration of the electrical current monitoring system for the jacking equipment; ensures pre-start checks are complete and motor brake torques are properly set; oversee and perform maintenance and repairs to the crane control, brakes, motors and electrical systems; performs and supervises testing and calibration of alarm systems, sensors and maintenance of alarm and communication systems.

Position: Chief Mate Location: Offshore Nigeria

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Complies with all JV Company HSE policies as outlined in JV Company’s QSMS document; ship Security Officer/Vessel Security Officer, maintains lifesaving equipment and navigational watch or DP watch, when assigned; maintains records based on Maintenance Program and evaluates direct reports.

Monitors and promotes the competency program for the Deck Department; maintains stability/load plan of the vessel; supports the Master in implementing Permit to Work System.

How to Apply:

Applications should be sent to: info@odenl.com not later than 14th July, 2017.


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