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Driller, Electronic Technician, Electrician in a Joint Venture Partnership Company

Vacancies: Driller, Electronic Technician, Electrician

A Joint Venture Partnership Company, which was formed by an indigenous provider of drilling rig services and a leading international drilling company that has created a world class drilling company and is poised to deliver exceptional value to the exploration and production companies operating in Nigeria, is looking to recruit competent indigenous persons to the following positions:

Position: Driller Location: Off shore Nigeria

Job Summary: Responsible for the operation of drilling equipment and machinery, including the fluids-circulation system. Directs drilling crew in assuring optimum drilling process.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Manages the safety and operation of the drill floor equipment; controls operation of well control equipment; assists contractors during wireline, casing, and cementing

operations; administers preventative maintenance program on drilling equipment; maintains logs based on company and regulatory requirements; operates drilling equipment, coordinates machinery operation and equipment to prepare to drill and to drill, the draw works to lift casing, drill collars, drill pipes and drilling fluid circulating pumps.

Controls power to the drill pipe tongs; interprets gauge readings showing status of weight indicator, rotary revolutions, circulation system flow and others for an optimum drilling process; monitors drilling fluid status and alarms to ensure within specified criteria; conduct spit drills for crew as required and a flow check on every connection and controls operation of well control equipment.

Responsible for all equipment which is run into the well bore; monitors assigned jacking station during jacking operations; responsible for pipe and casing tallies and for maintaining check and tracking documents and safety of self and co-­workers; encourage all personnel to participate in the JV Company’s STOP program.

Follows correct lockout, tag-out procedures; ensuring the safety of the drilling crew and the safe operation of the drill floor equipment based on safety procedures, policies and operational procedures of the equipment manufacturers.

Position: Electronic Technician, Location: Offshore Nigeria

Job Summary:

Responsible for the effective preventative maintenance and where appropriate renewal of all MODU electronic equipment and systems

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for problem solving, repair of electronic circuit boards, installation of wiring and electronic components relating to various items of drilling and associated equipment on board; works as part of the rig management team; assists Electrician with repairs and replacement of electrical equipment as required.

Maintains/repairs MODU air condition, refrigeration system, control systems and all intercommunication equipment; conducts pre-task planning meeting and where a work order is required, only undertakes work authorized; adheres to rig mobilization procedures and related maintenance as directed by operations manual.

Position: Electrician Location: Offshore Nigeria

Job Summary: Ensures the effective operation of all electrical tools and equipment on board the drilling rig, keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Advanced knowledge of repair and rebuilding electrical components and wiring of electrical equipment; maintains and repairs all rig electrical equipment and systems; adheres to maintenance plan to minimize down time and maximize safety and to rig mobilization procedures and maintenance based on operations manual.

Maintains proper level of electrical parts and equipment inventories; assists the Mechanics and Welders on special projects; ensures that activities are conducted in compliance with Permit to Work system; maintains logs and records base on established requirements; follows all applicable Codes; assists in inspections; creates an environment in which open communications concerning safety issues can occur.

How to Apply:

Applications should be sent to: info@odenl.com not later than 14th July, 2017.



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