Job Title:                  Executive Secretary
Start Date:               April 2018 (tentative)

Contract Term:      4 Years (renewable)

Reporting To:         The Governing Board

Years in Career:     Minimum of 15 years

Education:                B.Sc./MSc/MBA;


The Kwara State Health Insurance Agency is established by the of the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme Law 2017, and its overall objective is to ensure that residents of Kwara State have access to qualitative and sustainable health care services through its Health Insurance Scheme.

The features of the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme are:

(i)   The establishment of various health strategies such as Equity Health plan; Formal and Informal Health plan; and Private Health plan for all categories of persons in the State;

(ii)   The participation of eligible Health care providers approved to provide quality health care delivery systems in the State; and

(iii)  The establishment of a funding plan for the sustainability of the Health Insurance Scheme

About the Role

The Executive Secretary of the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency is a hands-on position that requires both management and leadership skills and day to day operational execution. It is split into three (3) main roles:

(i)   Health Management: S/he is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating, implementation and monitoring of the Health Insurance Scheme.

(ii)  Financial Management: S/he is responsible for the efficient and effective management of funds in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the Kwara State Health Insurance scheme and the establishing Law.

(iii)  Administration: Internally, S/he will be the primary support to the Governing Board in driving the synergy and congruence between the Governing Board, and the Agency at large S/He also has major operational responsibilities related to the management of the Agency’s expenditures, HR, facilities and assets management of the Agency.

Specific Tasks

Specific tasks are divided into the following categories and include:

Health Management:

(a)   Develop, implement and manage the Kwara State Health Insurance scheme in order to provide health care coverage to residents of Kwara State within the agreed objectives;

(b)  Have the overall responsibility to establish, provide leadership and strategic direction and manage the performance of the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency;

(c ) Manage the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency’s budgeting process, make recommendations regarding proposed capital expenditure to the Board and ensure that a framework of effective controls exist which enable risks to be assessed and managed;

(d) Manage the contracting of Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), Health Care Facilities, Third Party Administrators and other any other entities operating under the Scheme;

( e) Establish a culture of collaboration and integration that enhances the provision of excellent patient care in the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency and improved patient satisfaction;

( f) Promote advocacy regarding the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme with all arms of government (LGAs, State and Federal), flinders, investors, development partners and other stakeholders;

(g) Carry out such other functions as necessary and expedient for the purpose of achieving the objectives of the Scheme in accordance with Kwara State Health Insurance Law 2017;

(h) Ensure the Agency’s compliance with Statutes, policies and procedures governing it;

(i) Review monthly/quarterly account or reconciliations and other documents to ensure compliance with the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme;

( j) Develop and review plans, procedure, policies (as may be required or where a lacuna exist) of the Kwara Health Insurance Scheme to beneficiaries; and

Financial Management:

(a) Develop and implement financing and investment plans to ensure the sustainability of the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme, including the mobilization of resources and alignment of the Scheme to Federal-level initiatives (including NHIS, Federal Ministry of Health and World Bank) and external flinders and investors; and

( b) Ensure sound financial management of the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency;

(3)  Administration:

(a)  Manage the day-to-day administration of the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme including policy execution and the general direction and supervision of the staff of the Scheme;

( b)  Establish and be responsible for the Secretariat of the Governing Board;

( c)  Implementation of policies and decisions of the Governing Board given in accordance with the provisions of the Kwara State Health Insurance Scheme Law, 2017;

( d) Maintain the book of accounts and keep proper records of the Governing Board;

( e) Oversee the maintenance of records in a manner that facilitates timely response to inquiries, management requests, and standardized reports while ensuring the accuracy of the information;

( f) The general direction and control of all other Employees of the Kwara State Insurance Agency;

( g) Ensures that the Agency is staffed with qualified personnel capable of meeting the objectives and responsibilities of the Agency;

(h) Performing such other irrelevant duties as may be directed by the Governing Board from time to time; and

(i) Formulation and implementation of major functional policies and plans that can make a considerable impact on the long-term performance of the Agency.


(1)  A good degree or its equivalent from a reputable University in Medicine. Pharmacy, Sciences, or numerate disciplines such as Actuarial Science, Statistics, etc.

(2)  Post-graduate qualification in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Management, Public Health. Health Management, Business Administration, Insurance, Economics, or other related fields. (An MSc/MBA in Health Management is highly desirable and will be added advantage)

(3) Certification in and/or professional membership of Health. Management and Health Insurance related bodies shall be an added advantage.

Professional Experience

(1)   Minimum of 15 years’ experience post NYSC (inclusive of at least 10 years’ experience in senior and executive management, administrative or supervisory capacity in a health institution or related field).

(2)  Supervision must have included supervising staff performing professional work in the areas described above.

(3)  Attendance of related courses, workshops, seminars etc.

(4)  Application of expertise in management, financial reporting, auditing and controls risk management

(5)  Demonstrable leadership of robust compliance and operational management programs that included oversight monitoring, testing, risk assessment, and reporting efforts.

(6 )  Proven Administrative ability.

Required Skills

(1)  Proficient in Microsoft Packages, e.g., Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint with Certifications

(2)  Very high level of professional and managerial competence in directing and controlling activities;

(3)  Good knowledge and understanding of the NHIS guidelines and operations of HMOs and HCPs

(4)  Proven experience in formulating policy, and developing and implementing business plans, strategies and operating procedures

(5)  Ability to develop financial plans, manage resources, analyze and interpret financial data

(6)  Demonstrated ability to evolve administrative policies and procedures and monitor compliance;

(7)  Fluency in written and spoken English required;

(8)  Tremendous understanding of leveraging private investments, public-private partnerships and technology for development effectiveness

(9) Wide knowledge of contract management, demand planning, budget/cost management, business case development, workforce planning and performance management.

(10) Ability to communicate and interact with officials at all levels of government and to work effectively with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community

(11) Able to manage the accounting system, and the day to day tasks associated with entering payables, receivables, and reconciling the books while also managing a diverse portfolio of administrative responsibilities.

(12) High level of digital literacy and familiarity with database management systems;

(13) Proven ability to work under pressure, ensure coherence and consistency, independently, and meet deadlines consistently;

(14) Sound knowledge of Government policy and practice impact on financial and contractual arrangements;

Personal Attributes

(1) High ethical standards and fiduciary duty. The incumbent will view and possess significant confidential information regarding all aspects of the scheme and the beneficiaries therefore, a high level of discretion, integrity and judgment is required.

(2) Keen analytic, organizational and problem solving skills which allows for strategic data interpretation versus simple reporting.

(3) Personal credibility and integrity.

(4) Self-confidence and respect for others, regardless of position, and willingness to work as a team member/leader.

(5) Ability to articulate positions concisely and quickly, in a manner that is useful and easily understood by all stakeholders.

(6) Executive leadership and ability to see and handle all the sides of an issue or project.

(7) Excellent interpersonal skills, with ability to communicate and interact effectively at all levels of the organization.

(8) Ability to lead and inspire others towards high levels of performance in achieving organizational goals and a passion for achieving the Scheme’s vision

(9) Ability to analyse and solve problems by understanding issues and making systematic and rational judgments based on the relevant information

(10) The ability to manage multiple priorities, take initiative, prioritize and ensure the delivery of on-time deliverables is key.

Method of Application

All Applicants are required to describe how they meet all the above criteria in cover letter to be submitted along with an updated resume to: vacancies@-pharmaccess-ng.org not later than Thursday, 23rd March 2018.

Applications for the role should be supported with a write-up (Microsoft Word Format of no more than 1,000 words, on the applicant’s Action Plan and Roadmap for the attainment of the vision and mission of the Kwara State Health Insurance Agency.

Any applicant that is found to have criminal records, has been previously indicted or has submitted information that is found to be false, fraudulently obtained or a misrepresentation of facts, will be automatically disqualified at any stage in the process.