Vacancies exist in a Corporate Organisation.



Our corporate  client: Oil/Gas, Manufacturer, Tel/network, Banks, Insurance, E.t.c. + Political Parties, Urgently Requires male/female As:

Vacant Position: Group Heads, Deputies, Directors of Membership Services, Marketing Directors, Training Directors, Registrars, Secretaries, Sales Managers, Product Managers, human resources Managers, Information Officers, Consultants, PROs of Companies, Institutes, Departments, Churches, Associations, Institution of learning’s, Corporate, Political Parties.

Experience: Must Be In Direct or Indirect Marketing And Promotion of Their Present Employers’ Products, Services, Policies Through effective Nigerian newspapers, Magazines, Radio/Tv Advertisements. Mention Some Effective Media.

Remuneration: Those Appointed Will Be Paid Attractive Packages, Bonuses, Incentives + I3th Months.

Duties: To advise and lead their new employers with the aid of first class copy writers, computer designers, fast/reliable advert agencies etc to be under them, to achieve about 99% success in products sales, services, policies and win all contested posts.

Type of appointment: Full Time and Part-Time.

Application: To Enjoy Free Accommodation + Car + Driver + Overseas Yearly Leave

With Family, He / She Should E-mail One (1) Page CV Only before 5th June, 2018.