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Incorporated Trustees of Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE)


Widows and Orphans Empowerment Organisation (WEWE) is an upcoming and growing not-for-profit NGO founded in 2004 with headquarters in Abuja. WEWE has grown from managing an income of $6,000/annum in 2005 to over $2million US dollars/annum in 2017. It has also grown from just 1 staff in 2004 to over 70 staff in 2018; and from working in a few communities in Imo State, to working in over 150 communities in 5 states: Akwa Ibom, Anambra, FCT, Imo and Rivers State.

WEWE is currently managing two large projects with direct funding from USAID, providing over 70,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and over 20,000 caregivers in Nigeria with 7 services: education, health, psychosocial care, protection, shelter, nutrition and food security and household economic strengthening in line with the National Standards for Improving the Quality of Life of Vulnerable Children in Nigeria; and developing the financial, procurement, organisational and fundraising capacity of other local NGOs.

The organization’s core ideologies are: We believe that;

(i)   The change the world wants to see may be hidden in the life and destiny of an OVC.

(ii)  One child who is an orphan or vulnerable child could be the one that has the destiny to positively change a Nation such as Nigeria.

(iii)  We can be used by God to significantly contribute to improving the lives of millions of widows, orphans, vulnerable children & other vulnerable populations in Nigeria & Africa.

(iv) We need to be the best and continually striving to beat our yesterday’s performance.

(v) In this Nation Nigeria, we have highly skilled Nigerian professionals that can come together to show forth our spirit of excellence and ingenuity.

(vi) We want to be the most financially clean and compliant local NGO in Nigeria and Africa.

(vii) We want to prove to the world that not all Nigerian NGOs are corrupt and we want to be an example (An Ambassador) of a credible NGO in Nigeria and Africa.

WEWE wishes to recruit more members into its Board of Incorporated Trustees for a renewable 2-year term. WEWE is looking for individuals who share its ideologies and who see helping vulnerable populations such as widows and OVC as a calling from Almighty God

Benefits of being a board member include opportunities to:

learn what works and what does not work well for growing a credible NGO

gain new experience in the development sector, particularly about USAID-funded projects their rules and regulations

about USAID-funded project rules and regulations

serve and fulfill your calling to help widows and orphans

The roles and responsibilities of WEWE Board of Incorporated Trustees include to:

(a)  Attend quarterly board meetings in Abuja

(b)  Provide leadership, and governance oversight functions

( c)  Serve as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director (ED) as s/he develops and implements WEWEs strategic plan,

(d)  Review WEWE’s annual progress and performance reports,

(e)  Approve WEWE’s annual budget, audit reports, and material business decisions,

( f)  Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the ED,

( g)  Assist the ED and the Board Chair to identify and recruit other Board Members,

(h)  Partner with the ED and board members to ensure that board resolutions are earned out,

(i)   Serve on committees or task forces and to take on special assignments, representing WEWE to stakeholders,

( j)  Act as an ambassador for the organization

(k)  Raise funds for WEWE operation by supporting proposals writing and local fund raising.


Have over 10 working years of experience in leadership positions such as being a head of unit/department/division, Chief of Party, Deputy Chief of Party, and Chief Executive Officer or Top manager

Be a professional i.e. Chartered accountants, auditors, senior lawyers, medical doctors, and public health practitioner, bankers, financial experts, senior programmer in HIV prevention, social scientist, social worker, child psychologist, registered nurse. This list is not exhaustive, once you are a certified/registered professional in any field it’s an advantage.

Have individual tax clearance for the last three years from Federal or State Inland Revenue service as this is a new requirement from Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)

A candidate whose home base is in Abuja FCT, has an added advantage Widows/widowers who are professionals and have experience are encouraged to apply

Service on WEWE’s board is without remuneration or any financial benefit, except for administrative support, travel and accommodation costs in relation to Board Members’ duties subject to availability of funds. In addition WEWE has a conflict of interest policy which states that Board Members’ family members and relatives and any related party cannot work or benefit from WEWE financially. In addition WEWE does not give sitting allowance for attending meetings.

How to apply Please submit your CV and a cover letter in only one attachment (MS word document) to: WEWEboard@weweng.org

WEWE’s recruitment process will be on a rolling basis and WEWE reserve the right to conclude this recruitment process when a suitable candidate is selected.


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