Heartland Alliance International (HAI)-Nigeria is a nongovernmental organization that supports meaningful change in the lives of vulnerable individuals in the aftermath of violence and rights abuses across the states where HAI-Nigeria implement when human rights are threatened. HAI works to restore them by providing specialized mental health care and access to legal services to improve well-being and by restoring justice for marginalized people and communities. HAI-Nigeria implements integrated MARPs HIV Prevention Program (IMHIPP) in 7 states: Akwa Ibom, Benue, Cross River, FCT, Lagos, Nasarawa and Rivers and uses DHIS2 database to monitor and manage participants on HIV Care and Treatment. In a bid to improve on participants monitoring and management, HAI requests for a seasoned and well experienced consultant on DHIS2 who will support to upgrade the database into a full functional electronic medical record (EMR).


Scope of Work

  • The consultant will assess the existing database (DMEL), gauge and document the extent of utilization
  • The consultant will upgrade the existing database (DMEL) to fully function as electronic medical records (EMR) for proper case monitoring and management.
  • The consultant will customize the Participants unique identification for confidentiality, proper tracking and monitoring.
  • Improve or create ART National Data Collection Tools
  • The consultant will improve on mobile features functionality
  • The consultant will improve on GIS module for spatial analysis
  • Improve on business intelligence
  • Upgrade the database (DMEL) to function as offline
  • Upgrade to export/import data and metadata, supporting synchronization of offline installation
  • Develop and /or integrate an external module as per user needs, either through a robust application program interface (API) or web portal.
  • Develop a comprehensive user manuals along with video tutorials
  • Train relevant staff and other users
  • And any other emerging needs to make the database a perfect system

How to Apply:

Interested person should send a detailed concept and CV to: , not later than 26th June, 2018.