BRANCH CHAIRPERSONS needed at University of Lagos Alumni Association


We the undersigned chairmen and chairperson of branches of the University of Lagos Alumni Association have observed with dismay publications in electronic, print and social media purportedly announcing the election of National Executive members of our beloved Alumni Association.


Ordinarily, we would have ignored that announcement as the legality or otherwise of the process used in the July 8 meeting has become the subject of litigation.

However, we have decided to make this public statement for the benefit of Akokites worldwide and undiscerning members of the general public. We believe in fairness, due process and assert that the Alumni Association must be an exemplar for decency, inclusion and rule of law.

The Alumni Association is made up of State Branches who have dissociated themselves from the charade that took place on the 8th of July 2018. Therefore, we urge members of the public to disregard any person or group of persons parading themselves as member(s) of the National Executive Committee of the University of Lagos Alumni Association.

Not later than 8th August, 2018.