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The Governing Council, UNIVERSITY OF NIGERIA, NSUKKA hereby announces

That the position of Vice Chancellor of the Universities will soon be vacant. In accordance with the provisions of the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Decree 1993, Decree No. II as amended, the Council directs that applications be invited from suitably qualified and distinguished Professors with cognate experience in University teaching, research and administration.


(2.0)  The Job

The Vice Chancellor is the Chief Executive and Academic Officer of the University as well as the ex-official Chairman of Senate and Member of the Governing Council. He is responsible to Council in matters of policy implementation in the area of finance, property/facilities, general administration and good governance of the institution. The Vice Chancellor is also responsible to Senate, administration of academic programme and student discipline, in consonance with extant rules and regulations.

The Candidate

The Candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor is required to possess a good University degree including a PhD or its relevant equivalent professional qualification and should be a proven manager of human and material resources. Specifically, the candidate shall be expected to:

(a)      Be highly distinguished and self-motivated academic of the rank of Professor with ability to provide academic (Management and Administration);

(b)     Be a successful scholar well rooted in the traditions;

(c)      Be a successful academic who has attained a position of distinction and excellence in his or her chosen field of study;

(d)     Be a person with good grasp of appreciates its significance in the contemporary knowledge industry;

(e)      Be a person of courage but humane, who can take decisive actions on the merit of facts and principles, and not on the basis of sentiments or pressure from individuals and groups;

(f)      Possess high reputation nationally and internationally and be able to command respect of national and international academic communities through his or her track records;

(g)     Be a person of proven integrity and administrative leadership so as to successfully lead a group of our well informed and articulate academic community;

(h)     Possess ability to create the needed bridges between the University community on one hand, and its stake-holders on the other hand and be above petty ethnic, religious and local loyalties and biases;

(i)      Be able to serve the full term of five years before attaining the retirement age of 70 years, and must be of good physical and mental health;

(j)      Be able to perform any other lawful duties and responsibilities as may from time to time be directed by Council.

Method of Application:

Interested candidates must submit 30 copies of their application along with 30 copies of the candidate’s Curriculum Vitae which shall contain the following:

(a)(i)  Full Name;

(ii)     Date of Birth;

(iii)    Marital Status;

(iv)    Educational Qualifications;

(v)     Nationality;

(vi)    Professional and academic achievement;

(vii)   Publications listed in chronological order;

(viii) National and International Honours/Award

(ix)    Positions held with dates

(x)     Any other relevant information

(b)     Every candidate shall submit 30 copies of statement of his/her own vision and mission for the University;

(c)      In the case of a candidate identified and nominated by the search Team, the Curriculum Vitae must be accompanied by a letter of consent, duly signed and dated by the candidate;

(d)     All candidates must supply, on their application forms, the name and addresses of three referees. Each referee must be contacted by the applicant to forward the confidential report

(e)      The sealed envelopes containing the completed application should be boldly marked POST OF VICE-CHANCELLOR, UNN at the top left hand corner of the sealed envelope;

(f)      All applications are to be submitted under confidential cover to the Registrar and Secretary to Council, University of Nigeria, Nsukka to reach him not later than six (6) weeks from the date of this advertisement (15, January, 2019);

(g)     Application not received by 3:00pm on the last day shall be declared void.

Salary and Conditions of Service

The Salary and Conditions of service are as applicable to the post of Vice Chancellor in all Federal Universities in Nigeria, and as may be determined by the Government/Council from time to time.

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