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Editor for A Leading National Newspaper



Reporting: The Board of Directors

Direct Reports: Editorial Staffs

Location: Lagos

Compensation: Circa-N6 – 8 million, per annul.


The Editor will have responsibilities for the content and all related activities to produce an acceptable national newspaper. Responsibility is to ensure there is an efficient process for news sourcing, vetting and accuracy. He must maintain and sustain integrity amongst the team members. There must be zero tolerance for unethical conducts and behaviours.


The major accountabilities include:

(1)     Overall responsibility for the newspaper production and circulation

(2)     Determine what content layout and place of any story especially front page.

(3)     Employ innovative strategies to optimize routine news coverage globally

(4)     Monitor and widen readership base

(5)     Edit content to meet readers’ requirement at all times

(6)     Prepare work schedules and deadlines for team members to ensure deadlines are met

(7)     Implement strategies to facilitate wide coverage of all types of issues and news

(8)     Provide training for reporters for them to identify news for existing readership and gain new readers

(9)     Manage and edit daily news, special news stories and periodical items using video editing tools to facilitate video telecast

(10)   Monitor all feeds from news bureaus and other agencies for editing and further publication


  • The right candidates must have capacity for long hours, seven days of the week and a sometimes difficult-to-acquire ability to think on one’s feet.
  • He must therefore be physically and mentally fit for that purpose


  • Good education and a fairly long experience as a reporter and writer.
  • A sound knowledge of the English Language, appreciation of its riches, healthy respect for its complexities and mastery of its use.
  • An appreciation of journalism as a very potent instrument of destruction on one hand and a tool for building on the other. An ability to make the distinction at all times and the wisdom as well as training to choose on which side to belong.
  • Integrity of the highest standard and a keen sense of loyalty to the Brand at all times
  • Sound news judgment and appreciation of what sells a newspaper
  • An understanding of journalism as a calling and an ability to make a news medium a journalistic enterprise.
  • Wide reach in contacts and ability to tap same for the good of the newspaper.
  • An objective view of life, a dispassionate disposition to issues that naturally culminates in the knowledge that things are not always what they seem on the surface and that there are sometimes more than two sides to a coin.
  • A sound mind that is cynical enough to doubt or query everything, strong enough to accept the truth when found and admit it publicly when it has questioned it same way.
  • Courage to publish the truth no matter whose ox is gored
  • A comprehensive understanding of Media Laws
  • ICT Skills: Digital knowledge and integration of contents across multimedia platforms.
  • A strong team leader, motivator, coach and mentor, Ability to identify and train talents on sustainable basis
  • A good businessperson with strong entrepreneurial skills


If all these excite you, please send your application, supported by your curriculum vitae to us within the next 2 weeks (27 June, 2019),

EDTR@tbsafrica.com.ng  or  call wale: +234 705 593 6074.

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