The Governing Council, FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM RESOURCES, EFFURUN, hereby announces that the post of Vice-Chancellor of the University will be vacant in May 2020. Pursuant to the provisions of the University’s (Establishment) Act, 2017, the Council invites applications from suitably qualified candidates, with cognate experience in University administration, for the post.

About the University

The Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun (FUPRE) was established in March 2007 by the Federal Government of Nigeria with the mandate to train and build specialized capacity and relevant expertise for the Oil and Gas sector of the national and global economy.

FUPRE is the first of its kind on the African continent. It is an institution of first choice destination with state-of-the-art facilities to provide world class education through teaching, research, consultancy and extension



The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer and Academic Head of the University and Chairman of all the distinct bodies in the University established by law (such as Senate and Congregation) and a member of the Governing Council of the University. His duties include but not limited to:

  • General supervision and control of daily activities of the University.
  • General responsibility to the Governing Council for the maintenance and promotion of the efficiency and good order of the University.
  • Ensuring the full implementation of the FUPRE (Establishment) Act, 2017 with a view to bringing the desired transformation of the infrastructural and academic development of the University.
  • Ensuring that the provisions of the laws, statutes, ordinances and by-laws of the University are observed to the letters.
  • Advising the Council on any matter affecting the policies, finances, and general administration of the University.

(4.0)  Qualities and Qualifications of the Candidate

The applicant must:

(i)      Be a Professor of Engineering or Natural Sciences with proven capacity to provide exemplary leadership,

(ii)     Have proven record of research, scholarship and evidence of prudent resources management.

(iii)    Be someone whose research pedigree has earned him/her the respect of his peers both nationally and internationally.

(iv)    Be of unquestionable integrity and ready to make sacrifices for the common good of the University.

(v)     Understand the contemporary demands of leadership of a University, especially, of one located in the heart of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

(vi)    Be able to command the respect and loyalty of members of staff/ students and the general public.

(vii)   Be in good health and not more than sixty (60) years on the day of assumption of office.

(viii)  Be Information and Communication Technology (ICT) compliant.

(ix)    Be someone that can readily key in into the vision and mission of the University for accelerated development.

(x)     Demonstrate strong interpersonal and team-building spirit/skills and ability to build bridges between all relevant stake holders.

(xi)    Exhibit entrepreneurial drive expected of a 21st Century specialized University of Petroleum Resources with demonstrable capacity to attract both local and international grants and prizes for research and development.

(5.0)  Terms and Conditions of Service Applicable to the Post

The right candidate shall hold office for a single term of 5 years ONLY on such terms and conditions as are applicable to occupants of the post in other Federal Government owned Universities and as may be specified in his/her letter of appointment.

Method of Application

Interested applicants are expected to note and strictly comply with the following conditions:

(a)      Submit with detailed applications, 30 copies of the candidate’s detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) duly signed and dated by him/her.

The CV must contain the candidate’s

(i)      Full name

(ii)     Death of Birth

(iii)    Marital status

(iv)    Nationality

(v)     Institutions Attended with Dates

(vi)    Educational qualifications with dates

(vii)   Professional Qualifications with Dates

(viii)  Academic achievements

(ix)    Honours and Distinctions,

(x)     Membership of Professional Bodies

(xi)    Administrative experiences

(xii)   Current Employment/Status

(xiii)  Details of public/community services

(b)     Must include names of three (3) referees who should be requested by the candidate to forward his/her referees’ report by courier service directly to the Registrar under confidential cover and marked Post of Vice-Chancellor, Referee Report at the top left hand corner of the sealed envelope.

(c)      Each application must be accompanied with 30 copies of candidate’s clearly articulated vision for the University which must not be more than One Thousand Five Hundred words (1,500).

(d)     In the case of candidates identified and nominated by the Search Team, the application must conform to the requirements in (i) to (iii) above. Such candidates will be expected to, in addition, present a letter of consent duly signed and dated by him/her and submitted along with the application within the specified period.

(e)      All applications must be delivered either by hand or Courier Service under confidential cover, in a sealed envelope marked at the top left corner Post of Vice-Chancellor, FUPRE, to reach the Registrar and Secretary to Council, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, P.M.B. 1221, Effurun, Delta State, not later than six (6) weeks from the date of this publication (7 January, 2020).

Candidates should please note that only those who are shortlisted will be

contacted subsequently.