The post of Vice-Chancellor of the UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT will become vacant in July 2020. Pursuant to the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Decree No. 11 of 1993 as amended by the Universities (Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Act No. 1 of 2007, the Governing Council of the University of Port Harcourt invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to fill the vacancy.



The University of Port Harcourt was established in 1975 as a College of the University of Lagos and gained full autonomous status in 1977. The University is a Centre of Academic Excellence with a mandate to provide qualitative and research oriented education in the Niger Delta region and Nigeria at large.

“Unique UniPort,” as the Institution is popularly known by the alumni, staff and students, was accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC) on a campus status with academic, residential, social and cultural facilities to support a growing community of scholars and administrators. The University has over the years exposed suitably qualified persons to a specialised body of knowledge that empowers them to make meaningful contribution towards personal development and the advancement of the society.

The University is located about 15 kilometers, northwest of the Central Business District of Port Harcourt City, Nigeria’s second largest seaport and the hub of the Petroleum and Gas Industry, and has pursued its vision, mission and core mandate with tenacity and excellence over the years. It offers the best in conventional liberal and equal-opportunity education in the Arts, Engineering, Social Sciences and Science with several breakthroughs that have been patented and capitalised in our robust Technology Park.

The University has a long list of achievements to her credit and is striving even harder to become the first choice destination for the best brains in the finest academic tradition. The University is proud of her record in quality research, learning and public service in line with its core mandate of developing requisite manpower that would help to accelerate nation-building.

In research, the University gained global attention with its ground-breaking discovery of Ciklavit, a dietary supplement for the effective management of sickle cell anaemia which has since been patented by pharmaceutical giant, Nimeth. The Department of Petroleum Engineering also developed globally- rated software known as OPTIWELL which currently cuts by half the time and cost of drilling oil by the Shell Petroleum Development Company. The Black Anatomical Model developed by researchers from the Department of Human Anatomy has notched up awards at the NUC Research Fair and numerous fora. with over three hundred (300) Professors and talented students, Unique UniPort is a bustling Centre of Excellence in many branches of knowledge and public service. Its robust Brain Cain initiative has been attracting globally-rated scholars who join forces with academics here to internationalise our academic content at home.

The University of Port Harcourt has a College of Health Sciences (CHS), twelve (12) Faculties namely: Humanities. Social Sciences, Science, Education, Engineering, Management Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Dentistry and Law; a School of Graduate Studies (SGS); School of Science Laboratory Technology SSLT); College of Continuing Education (CCE); eleven (11) Institutes; thirty-three (33) Centres/Units, including two (2) World Bank Africa Centres of Excellence, namely: Centre of Excellence in Oilfield Chemicals Research (CEFOR) and Centre of Excellence in Public Health and Toxicological Research (PUTOR); including the University of Port Harcourt Business School. The University currently has a student population of over 30,000.


The Vice-Chancellor is the Chief Executive, Financial and Academic Officer of the University and the Chairman of many statutory bodies. He/she is also a member of the Governing Council, responsible to Council on matters of policy implementation in the areas of finance, property/facilities, general administration and good governance of the University. The right candidate for the post of Vice-Chancellor is required to possess a good University education and should be a proven, experienced and successful Manager of human and material resources, with excellent oral and written communication skills, including interpersonal relations and team spirit.

Specifically, the candidate shall be expected to:

(a)      Be not more than 65 years as at the date of assumption of duty as Vice- Chancellor;

(b)     Be a highly distinguished academic of the rank of Professor, with ability to provide quality academic and administrative leadership;

(c)      Be a scholar who is well-grounded in the finest academic tradition;

(d)     Have a high reputation and he able to command the respect of national and international academic communities through his/her track record;

(e)      Provide administrative leadership to a well-informed and articulate local academic community;

(f)      Possess the ability to sustain harmony between Council, Administration, Staff and Students on the one hand, and between the University and the host communities on the other hand;

(g)     Be a very resourceful personality with initiative, vision and drive for sustaining the accelerated pace of development of the University, even under financial and other challenging constraints;

(h)     Be a person with good grasp of information and communication technology skills, and who appreciates its significance in the contemporary know ledge ecosystem;

(i)      Be a person of high probity and personal integrity;

(j)      Be someone who appreciates, respects and promotes merit without fear or favour even under pressure; and

(k)     Enjoy excellent physical and mental health, and be prepared to work under considerable pressure.


The remuneration and other conditions of service arc as applicable to the post of a Vice-Chancellor in all Federal Universities in Nigeria and as may be determined by the Federal Government/the Governing Council of the University of Port Harcourt from time to time.


Interested candidates who meet the conditions for the post as indicated herewith are required to apply and comply with the following instructions:

(a)      Each application should be made in 30 copies, including detailed      Curriculum Vitae duly signed and dated by the candidate;

(b)     Each Curriculum Vitae must include the Names and Addresses of three Referees. Each applicant should request each of his/her Referees to forward direct to the Registrar and Secretary to Council, a “Confidential Report” in properly scaled envelope marked: “Referee Report” with the name of the candidate at the top left hand corner of the envelope by Courier Mail to the address below;

(c)      All applications should be under confidential cover and addressed to:

The Registrar and Secretary to Council

University of Port Harcourt

P.M.B. 5323


Port Harcourt

Rivers State

(d)     In the case of a candidate identified and nominated by the “Search Team”, each application must be accompanied by a letter of consent duly signed by the candidate and posted via courier mail to the Registrar and Secretary to Council, University of Port Harcourt.

(e)      The sealed envelopes containing the applications/nominations should be marked “Vice-Chancellor” at the top left hand corner and forwarded in time to reach the Registrar and Secretary to Council, by Courier Mail, not later than six weeks from the date of this publication, (24 February, 2020).

Note that only shortlisted Candidates will be invited to an interview under the auspices of the Governing Council of the University.


The closing date for submission of application is Friday, 21 February, 2020.