The Federal Republic of Nigeria, through the Department of Climate Change in the Federal Ministry of Environment, submitted a Readiness Proposal to the Green Climate Fund (GCF) for a project to build capacity to advance National Adaptation Plan (NAP) process in Nigeria.

The Proposal has been approved with the UN Environment as the Delivery Partner for the project, with the role of supporting and overseeing the project implementation.

The project entitled “Strengthening Nigeria’s Capacity to Advance the NAP Process” wall be implemented by a small project team headed by a National Coordinator. The new NAP project will support multi-sectoral, medium- to long-term adaptation planning and budgeting in Nigeria and promote the integration of climate change adaptation aspects into development planning processes and policies. Systems for developing and sharing climate risk and vulnerability information will be reinforced, and sustainable financing mechanisms for climate change adaptation initiatives are set to be developed.

The Paris Agreement (2015) in its global goal on adaptation (Article 7) brought new elements and dimension to the climate change adaptation. Namely, enhancing adaptive capacity, strengthening resilience and reducing vulnerability to climate change, with a view to contributing to sustainable development and ensuring an adequate adaptation response in the context of the global temperature limit of less than 2°C. The UNFCCC’s Least Developed Expert Group (LEG) on adaptation released Guidelines for National Adaptation Plans (December 2012). Furthermore, the Green Climate Fund (GCF) has issued guidance on adaptation planning approaches.



(1)     Manage the day-to-day implementation of the program at national level and across provinces, including coordinating die delivery of activities and outputs (such as workshops, studies and publications);

(2)     Ensure that project activities and results are delivered in accordance with the required quality, standards and specified time and cost constraints;

(3)     Develop TORs and assist in the identification, selection and recruitment / procurement of consultants or other service providers;

(4)     Supervise and manage the work and deliverables of national and international consultants, as well as other service providers and partners;

(5)     Supervise the Administrative and Finance Officer to ensure that financial, procurement and human resource processes are managed in line with Funding Proposal and Project Cooperation Agreement provisions, and that records of project documents and assets / equipment lists, including financial and procurement documents, are maintained in accordance with audit requirements;

(6)     Ensure the timely preparation of annual and semi-annual work plans, procurement plans and budgets for approval by the Project National Director and Project Steering Committee (PSC), with prior endorsement of die GCF Focal Point and the UN Environment Task Manager;

(7)     Regularly monitor and report on project performance and delivery to the Project National Director, GCF Focal Point and the UN Environment Task Manager, including progress, achievements, challenges encountered and proposed corrective actions;

(8)     Prepare bi-annual project Interim Progress Reports for the GCF;

(9)     Ensure timely preparation and submission of budget revisions, financial reports (including quarterly expense reports), and cash advance requests;

(10)   Serve as Secretary to die Project Steering Committee, organize biannual PSC meetings, and ensure the timely preparation of meeting documentation (including progress reports) and meeting minutes;

(11)   Identify and resolve logistical and organizational issues under the guidance of die Project National Director, the GCF Focal Point and the UN Environment Task Manager, and

(12)   Undertake other tasks assigned by the GCF Focal Point in line with the GCF NAP Project



  • A degree in Environmental Science, Engineering or related field


(1)     Keep the Accounting records of the project;

(2)     Arrange and archive accounting records in an appropriate manner in accordance with UN International Accounting Standards and Procedures Manual and the provisions of the Financing Agreements;

(3)     Under the supervision of the National NA P Coordinator, prepare quarterly, mid-year and annual Financial reports of the project at the established frequency and forward them not later than the fifteenth day at the end of each reporting period, while ensuring prior control of all financial information;

(4)     Regularly monitor the financial implementation of the project within the approved budget and in accordance with the provisions of UN Environment and the provisions of the financing agreements;

(5)     Carry out the year-end inventory (fixed assets, inventories, depreciation);

(6)     Carry out the closing of the accounts at the end of the year;

(7)     Prepare and facilitate the conduct of annual project audits, and improve internal control procedures by taking into account audit recommendations;



A degree in Accounts, Finance or related field


(1)     Pro-actively contribute to day-to-day project implementation and ensure conformity to expected results and project work-plans;

(2)     Maintain project correspondence and communication;

(3)     Collect, register, archive and maintain all information on project activities;

(4)     Assisi the Project Coordinator in advising all project counterparts on applicable administrative procedures and ensures their proper application;

(5)     Contribute to the preparation and implementation of progress reports;

(6)     Prepare agendas and arrange field visits, appointments and meetings both internal and external related to the project activities and write minute’s from the meetings;

(7)     Maintain project filing system;

(8)     Prepare routine correspondence and memoranda for Project Coordinator’s signature;

(9)     Receive, screen and distribute correspondence and attach necessary background information

(10)   Provide support to consultants and other clients in the implementation of their tasks for the achievement of project results (communication, contracts, agenda, visas, hotel reservations, etc.);

(11)   Maintain records on all project personnel and consultants and their respective status (Contracts, TORs, time and attendance – if appropriate, etc.) in accordance with accepted policies and procedures;

(12)   Assist in logistical organization of meetings (including Project Steering Committee meetings), training and workshops;

(13)   Draft minutes of Project Steering Committee and other project related meetings;

(14)   Perform any other tasks assigned by the National NAP Coordinator.



A degree in Administration, Sciences or related field.

Additional Competencies Required:

(1)     Analytical skills, initiative, sound judgment, results-oriented and efficiency in a multi­tasking environment

(2)     Good inter-personal and teamwork skills, networking attitude, ability to work in multi­cultural-environment

(3)     Ability to work under pressure in complex situations

(4)     Ability to work in an independent manner, set priorities and organize the workflow efficiently

(5)     Willingness to travel around the country to coordinate, attend and monitor project activities

(6)     Full working knowledge of English, including excellent writing and presentation skills

(7)     Very good computer skills and ability to use information technology as a tool and resource.

Work experience:

Minimum of 7 years of professional experience for Project Coordinator and 3years for Finance Officer & Administrative Assistant.

Language skills:

Excellent writing, editing and oral communication          skills in English

Application procedures

Interested candidates are requested to submit their written application with relevant credentials to the Officer of the Director, Department of Climate Change Plot 444 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama Abuja.

The application should contain cover letter explaining why you are the most suitable candidate for the advertised position.

Closing Date: 7 May, 2021